Happy Birthday Anbownes!

If you missed knowing this REMARKABLE woman, you missed somebody mighty special! God broke the mold with this one! Happy Birthday Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICK, our Anbownes!:)

Fannie Louella Jackson Barwick

December 7, 1920 – March 5, 1992

Ancestor Reverence: To Acknowledge

To acknowledge our ancestors means we are aware that we did not make ourselves, that the line stretches all the way back, perhaps to God; or to Gods. We remember them because it is an easy thing to forget: that we are not the first to suffer, rebel, fight, love and die. The grace with which we embrace life, in spite of the pain, the sorrow, is always a measure of what has gone before.

~ Alice WALKER

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We Call Your Name

We Call Your Name

When I was a young girl living at home, sometimes, just before I dropped off to sleep, I would see the air of my room filled with Spirits. They didn’t say anything to me. They didn’t frighten me. They were just there, indistinct, swirling.

On Saturdays my mother would drive us over to my grandparent’s house on Detroit’s East Side. My mother and Aunt sat in the front. We four cousins squeezed into the back seat. In the winter it was dark. If I was lucky enough to get a window, I’d look into the lit windows of the houses we passed and wonder about the people and the stories they were living.

Each of our blogs is like those lighted windows. In them we tell our Ancestor’s stories, stories to be read by our families and by the rest of the community. Stories that are so much more varied and moving and true than any stereotyped version of our history could ever be.

Today, as we launch over 25 new African American Genealogy blogs during the AAGSAR Blogfest 2014, I can feel the Ancestor’s Spirits swirling around us as they see their stories being told, their pictures shared and their names being called.

To Our Ancestors,

… we stand before you now, your living legacy, the flesh and blood of our collective dreaming, and we realize with a knowing deeper than the flow of human blood in human veins that we are part of something better, truer, deeper.

We speak your names.
We speak your names.

                                    “We Speak Your Names” Pearl Cleage, pg. 15

River Rise: Our Ancestors Are Calling…

AncestorsOn many levels I’ve always had a close connection to India.Arie. Our Atlanta roots. Our Oshun nature. My love and respect for her family – Mother, Simpson and Big Bro J’on. Though I didn’t have opportunity to fulfill my promise, in 2009 I was offered a gift to design her brand, Soul Bird. And Lord, the music…

India’s music ALWAYS seems to flow in parallel with my life journey. I often find sanctuary in her melodies.

This morning I take refuge in River Rise from her Testimony: Vol 2, Love & Politics album. By far one of my favorite tracks, River Rise is a beautiful, sincere petition to the Ancestors for guidance. A call to return to all things familiar and soul-fortifying.

As we make final preparations for our first AAGSAR BLOGFEST2014 on Sunday, Jan 5th and set our feet for a New Year overflowing with Ancestor discoveries, this is my wish for myself and all those seeking to connect with their lost lineage.

Not to fly blind. Be my eyes. I surrender. Show me the way…

There was always a power I could feel
It was guidance to tell me the way to go
But nowadays I feel like I can’t hear that voice
I’ve been flying blind
I need You to come and be my eyes

River rise, carry me back home
I cannot remember the way
River rise, carry me back home
I […]

SENTIMENTAL SUNDAY: An Early WINGFIELD Thanksgiving Full of Grace & Ancestors

My prayer, may your names FOREVER be called. I pay homage to my WINGFIELD Ancestors. Ashe-O!

 Martha & Children WINGFIELD

Martha & Children


Richard & Moriah

Ancestors WINGFIELD 1780 - 1797

WINGFIELD Ancestors 1780-1797

Ancestors-WINGFIELD 1799 - 1820

WINGFIELD Ancestors 1799-1820

Ancestors WINGFIELD 18?? -- 1862

WINGFIELD Ancestors 18??-1862


WINGFIELD Ancestors List of Negroes Ages 1848-1859


WINGFIELD Ancestors List of Negroes Ages 1794-1832


WINGFIELD Ancestors Births 1790-1848


WINGFIELD Ancestors Deaths 1832-1866


WINGFIELD Ancestors Births 1859-1907

ANCESTOR REVERENCE: WINGFIELD Negro Slaves [Names & Birth Dates]

Author: WINGFIELD Family – Washington, Wilkes, GA
Title: Papers, 1772-1907 (bulk 1772-1866)
Location: Duke University, Rubenstein Special Collections Library: 2nd 81:L (original acc.), 2nd 54:C (90-025)
Description: 5 items
History notes: Overseer & planters of Hanover Co., VA & after 1786, Wilkes Co., GA

Wingfield Negro Slaves – Names & Birth Dates:

Billy born January 1799
Lydda born July 1799
Patty born August 1799
Gordon born January 1800
Margery born March 1800
Aggy born October 1800
Louisa born May 1801
Washington born December 1801

Jefferson born May 18, 1807
Zack born December 25, 1807
Caroline born June 11, (?)
George born April 14, 1810
Gilbert born October 1811
Anna born May 14, 1812
Ben born October 11, 1814
Sue born November 1, 1815
Mary born December 30, 1816
Sarah born October 20, 1818
William born July 6, 1820
Harriet born November 12, 1820
Fillis Born November 28, 1780
Daniel born August 24, 1783
Thornton born April 24, 1785
Isham born September 1788
Mary born November 1788
Solomon born June 1789
James born November 8 1790
Edmund born September 1790

Jenny born January 1791
Cealy born April 8, 1791
Ely born July 31, 1792
Abraham born October 1, 1792
(?)emly born January 30, 1793
Davy born October 1794
Stephen born February 20, 1795
Judy born April 25, 1790
Manuel born April 1795
Nancy born November 25, 1790
Martha born January 23, 1797
Rhoada born April 5, 1797
Kizzy born May 8, 1797
Lucy born August 25, 1797
Lucinda born August 25, 1797

A list of Negros Ages –

David born October 1794
Manuel born April 1795
Martha born January 1797
Billy born January 1799
Tom born January 1803
Richard born May 1805
Thompson born July 1807
Barbary born July 1809
Mary born September 1811 (sold)
Washington September 1813
Bob born October 1813
Venus born September 1815 – departed this life in October 1830
Henry born 1815 or 1816
Harriett born February 1820
Joe born September 1824 -sold 1854(?)
David born May 1824
L(?)dan born June 1826
(?)icy born 1828
Nancy born […]

Ancestor Homage: Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICK

Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICKVery reflective today thinking of the swiftness of time and what I’d do if blessed with the gift of rolling it back.

For sure, I’d spend less time talking and more time listening to my Grandmother Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICK – 12.07.20 to 03.05.1992.

In my mere 47 years on this planet, her dignity, integrity and honesty remain unmatched. She was THE gem of all gems. And today I’d happily sit at her feet to take in all the wisdom she could offer me.

“Everybody’s trying to make a statement. I just wish I knew what the hell they were trying to say!” ~ Anbownes

My girl….:)


{image: Fannie Louella Jackson 1938 at age 18. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED}