Annie Faver

FAVER + CARTER: Early Records of Georgia Volume 11, Wilkes County

Marriage License CARTER & FAVERI’ve yet to identify the slave owners of my other 3rd Great Grandparents of WILKES County — Philip CARTER and Annie FAVER.  They were married on February 18th 1869.

To make my search even more ‘interesting’, I’ve only found Philip and Annie together in one census — 1900. To date they’ve not surfaced in the 1870 census and in 1880 though Philip was counted and identified as married, Annie was not included in the household.

An accidental omission?  Maybe Annie was working and counted elsewhere?

Only time will tell!:)



FAVER – Page 224

FAVER, JOHN dec’d. Matthew Faver app. admr. Aug. 17, 1829. John Cheney, Sec. Writ of dower to the wid. Sarah Faver Jan. 6, 1830. 187 acres on Kettle creek, leaving 582 acres for the heirs. Mary (?) Faver app. gdn of Sanders and Henry Faver, Feb. 1, 1819, orphs of John Faver, dec’d. Allen J. Arnold and Daniel Carrington, Sec. Petition of John Faver to be app. gdn., and Thos. Faver chooses him gdn., no date.

FAVOR, THOMAS, Henry and Sanders W., Vs Matthew Favor and John Wynne, admrs. Their petition says that John Favor, Sr. father of petitioners died 1820, intestate leaving a wid, Mary Favor and besides the orators, the following children: Wm. Favor of Ala., Sarah Favor of Wilkes Co., married to Daniel Jackson who is dead without admr or excr., Matthew Favor of Wilkes Co., Reuben Favor of Monroe Co., John Favor, Jr. of Wilkes Co., since dec’d., also a dau Elizabeth who before the death of her father said John Favor, dec’d, married Nathan Echols, […]

No Brick Walls Allowed: BOLTON & FAVER/FAVOR Ancestry Revealed

BOLTON, Henry & FAVER, AmandaI believe in the power of the spoken word. You have what you say. So in respect to tracing your Ancestry if you call problems, brick walls, road blocks and obstacles, they will surely answer you!:)

So in a nutshell, I speak what I WANT to happen – not what I DON’T WANT to happen. Hell, if it ain’t good why claim it? You follow me?!

Annie FAVER/FAVOR CARTER (b. 1848) was my 2nd GGG Grandmother from Washington-Wilkes, Georgia. Aside from the 1869 Marriage License  I have when Grandma Annie married Phillip CARTER and the 1900 Wilkes County Census, I’ve turned-up little else of my Annie.

I still remember Annie’s long braid preserved in a mason jar by her Granddaughter and namesake (my Great Grandmother), Annie CARTER JACKSON. She was said to be of  “mixed blood” (Native-American/African) and had a daughter, Anna WRIGHT (b. 1867) at the time she married my Grandfather.

I believe Annie FAVER/FAVOR CARTER died before 1910 and birthed at least 14 children. In the 1900 Wilkes County Census, 10 of those children were still living.

But I want to know more of my Annie’s story! So, I’m calling her and starting here — taking a deep look at all the FAVER/FAVOR and BOLTON clues I’ve picked-up over the years. The answers are here. I’m just looking past them, I can feel it.

Visiting my cousin Farrel Webb’s Facebook album, I was reminded of when I first stumbled on this

Mamie FAVORS Bolton 1891-1982

bolton19820118-001What would Genealogy be without the persistent mysteries each new “find” presents? BORING!:-)

A couple days ago I was thrilled to discover an image of Mandy FAVER BOLTON & her Husband, Henry BOLTON online at the Digital Library of Georgia.

Without doubt, I believe Aunt Mandy will lead me to learning more about the family of my 4th Grandmother, Annie FAVER CARTER {b. 1850} from Wilkes Co.

So how cool was it to also discover this funeral program {also via the DLG} of Mamie FAVORS BOLTON in 1982?!

For a second I thought Mandy FAVER BOLTON & Mamie FAVORS BOLTON could be the same person, but that would be impossible. The funeral program says Mamie was born in 1891 which would have meant she was 11 yrs. when the image with Henry Bolton was taken in 1902.

Hmmm… so who was Mamie? The Daughter of Mandy & Henry Bolton? NOPE! From the funeral program it looks like Mamie was Henry’s WIFE too!

Okay, I need a timeline!

The Road To Annie FAVER CARTER…

BOLTON, Henry & FAVER, AmandaThanks to Joyce McCollum of, I received a link to a new Georgia Genealogy resource today – the Digital Library of Georgia.

As usual, the first thing I did was start searching for my folks – WINGFIELD, CARTER, DICKEY, FAVER, WRIGHT & COHEN. I always hope that one day, I’ll turn up that previously undiscovered family image that will make my day!:-)

Well, after searching for Wingfields & Dickeys with no luck, I did a search for FAVER.

Annie FAVER CARTER was my other 4th Grandmother from Washington-Wilkes & aside from remembering as a child her long braid of hair kept in a jar by my Great Grandma Annie CARTER JACKSON {Her namesake}, I know very little about her.

My search yielded the above image with the following description:

“Wilkes County, ca. 1902. Henry Bolton seated weaving white split oak cotton baskets used when picking cotton. Aunt Mandy in background. Aunt Mandy FAVER Bolton was mother of 18 of her own and 18 step-children. Located on Herbert and Robert Spratlin homestead on Sardis Road.”– from field notes

Wow! I’ve seen this image before & remember pausing on it – SEVERAL TIMES. However the image I’ve seen, didn’t have the description & the FAVER name called out!

FAVER, spelled exactly the way my Annie’s FAVER surname is spelled on her 1869 Marriage License?!

With my WHOLE heart I do believe that Mandy & Annie FAVER are connected.


  • 1859 – In the estate of Thomas Faver, […]