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The Way Forward: What’s Next For OGR?

AlexHaleyFarm_ClintonTNWhenever I return from research hiatus (this makes my 3rd time in 14 years) I always start with a working genealogy “bucket list” of goals I hope to accomplish during the next go-round!

We encounter so much on the journey  digging through our family history “the list” helps keep me on task and stay focused. It’s also my way of alerting the Ancestors and Universe to my intentions, so they can continue to assist in unlocking the doors that have hold of their story.

So, what’s next for OGR? What would I really love to confirm or discover?

  • Did Madison CODY sell or loan Catie to Rev. James DICKEY? What was their (CODY/DICKEY) connection/relationship?
  • Does the journal of Madison CODY’s son have any clues helpful to our research?
  • What happened to Catie when Rev. DICKEY left Wilkes County in 1861? Can we confirm Catie continued to work at the Smyrna Church? Was she purchased by someone else or did he take Catie with him8?
  • Did cousin Elbert STRINGER know how he and cousin Blanche were related? Did Elbert realize Blanche was Ailey’s (Catie’s Sister) Granddaughter?
  • Information about and pics of Joe DORSEY, Catie’s 2nd husband; is there any record of his death?
  • Are there any STRINGER or DORSEY family bibles documenting our lineage?
  • Will I ever be given access to Rev. James Madison DICKEY’s artifacts in possession of his family?
  • Visit(s) to Warren County with cousin Gwen. I want that copy of Ailey’s picture! What other family history will we find there?
  • What other information exists about Pierce CODY (Ailey & Catie’s brother) in the WPA records? Was there ever a picture of […]
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Accepting No Brick Walls!

Whenever I find myself frustrated by the lingering questions that remain about my Catie & her migration to Wilkes-County Georgia, I force myself to remember where I started – a woman with very little information & virtually no family support in the effort to dig-up a long forgotten history.

Before my cousin, Elbert Stringer, uttered her name – Grandma Catie, I never knew she existed. Nope, I did not know Catie, nor anything about the PHENOMENAL life she’d lived & the legacy of love she’d left behind.

How exciting were those early years when my research was like an unraveling adventure… when every day led to a new discovery & another piece of my family history being restored.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to know! The desire is never-ending!

I realize I have been blessed with my research. I am no longer fighting family battles to preserve our history. I’ve cataloged & accomplished a lot. The Great Aunts who once protested this work, now support it wholeheartedly & even regularly contribute content!:-)

I think (or hope) they find comfort in knowing that when they depart this life, all is not lost. Someone remains who is committed to sharing their stories & the stories of those who came before them.

When I think on this, I know I cannot allow myself to be dissuaded by pseudo-brick walls of information.

As long as there is a courthouse, archive, computer, internet, telephone, elder & living descendant anywhere, I’ll be plugging away with my questions!

I trust that James Dickey III will one day have that conversation with Mary Anne, and she will shed […]