VETERAN’S DAY 2013: Honoring Our Cousin, Squad Leader Aaron FAVORS

Squad Leader Aaron FAVORS

On this VETERAN’S DAY 2013 I send prayers of peace and safety to my Cousin Squad Leader Aaron FAVORS! Thank you for your service, courage and kinship!:)


No Brick Walls Allowed: BOLTON & FAVER/FAVOR Ancestry Revealed

BOLTON, Henry & FAVER, AmandaI believe in the power of the spoken word. You have what you say. So in respect to tracing your Ancestry if you call problems, brick walls, road blocks and obstacles, they will surely answer you!:)

So in a nutshell, I speak what I WANT to happen – not what I DON’T WANT to happen. Hell, if it ain’t good why claim it? You follow me?!

Annie FAVER/FAVOR CARTER (b. 1848) was my 2nd GGG Grandmother from Washington-Wilkes, Georgia. Aside from the 1869 Marriage License  I have when Grandma Annie married Phillip CARTER and the 1900 Wilkes County Census, I’ve turned-up little else of my Annie.

I still remember Annie’s long braid preserved in a mason jar by her Granddaughter and namesake (my Great Grandmother), Annie CARTER JACKSON. She was said to be of  “mixed blood” (Native-American/African) and had a daughter, Anna WRIGHT (b. 1867) at the time she married my Grandfather.

I believe Annie FAVER/FAVOR CARTER died before 1910 and birthed at least 14 children. In the 1900 Wilkes County Census, 10 of those children were still living.

But I want to know more of my Annie’s story! So, I’m calling her and starting here — taking a deep look at all the FAVER/FAVOR and BOLTON clues I’ve picked-up over the years. The answers are here. I’m just looking past them, I can feel it.

Visiting my cousin Farrel Webb’s Facebook album, I was reminded of when I first stumbled on this

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Gift Of FAVER/FAVOR History From Paris

Parish & Jane FAVORSYesterday I was the beneficiary of a rare and special gift — In Search Of A Family – The Incomplete History of the FAVORS Family of African Descent by the Paris FAVORS Jr. {1987}.

What a gift! Paris Favors Jr. {1948-1994} was a practicing attorney and Minister, which clearly shows in his beautifully descriptive writing and attention to detail.

After opening my parcel last night from Robert BOLTON {Son of Wade BOLTON and Grandson of Rev. Paris/Parish FAVOR born abt. 1842}, I had not made it beyond page #11 before I’d solved my first Ancestor mystery — who were the elder Paris/Parish Favor’s parents and slave owner?

On page #7 Paris Favors Jr. wrote:

As noted earlier, I have been unable to discover who were the parents of the Reverend Parish Favors, where he came from or who were his owners during slavery.

After reading a few pages further, I noted a 1986 interview with Wade Bolton of Lincolnton that identifies Parish as having Sisters named Chaney and Le Anna and a Brother named Ben.

I immediately headed to the 1870 Wilkes County Census to search for those names and here is what I found:

Burrill Favor – 60
Maria Favor – 50
Chaney Favor – 20
John S Favor – 0 (this was a census taker’s oversight)
Winny Favor – 17
Ritta Favor – 13
Leanna Favor – 11
Edward Favor – 9
Charles Favor – 8
Mary Favor – 6
Susan Favor – 4

There in all its glory were Parish’s Sisters, Chaney and Leanna, living with their parents, Burrill (Burnell) and Maria and a handful of other siblings!

Although there is no […]

Share What You Find, Share What You Seek!

Wilkes Co Inventory - J HuguleyYesterday while scanning Ancestry’s African American Collection, Slave Information Message Board, I noticed a post in regards to the transcribed Estate Inventory of John HUGULEY of Wilkes Co. The information had been posted by someone with the surname FAVOR.

Given that my 4th Paternal Grandmother was Annie FAVER CARTER, anytime I see the surname FAVER/FAVOR I perk-up but especially when it’s associated with Wilkes Co!

So I sent a message to the original poster inquiring about her surname & to my surprise, she responded back immediately!

With her permission, I’ve included her response below. In more ways than one it speaks to the importance of sharing both your & others Genealogical information within the research community.

Please take note of the information she is sharing as well — we never know where a connection might be found!:-)

Hi Luckie,

I have been to OurGeorgiaRoots.com. It gave me inspiration to continue this search. To answer your question, I don’t know. I have looked extensively at the John Faver family line in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. I have their entire descendant chart. I traced one branch from Alabama to Fannin County Texas but have not been able to make a link. My ancestor was Pomp Favors. Reported in 1880 census as born in Alabama. He died before 1890. He was freed at age 14 in Fannin County (family rumor not fact with maybe a brother George-rumor not fact). I have gotten as far back to his 1876 marriage but have found nothing on him beyond that. I have found George who shows up in […]

Thomas FAVER – Est. Appraisal 1859 Wilkes Co.

Thomas FAVER Estate - 1859 Wilkes County GA

I have always believed my 4th {Paternal} Grandmother Annie FAVER CARTER was owned by Thomas FAVER {d. 1859} and/or his Son, Lewis D. FAVER of Wilkes Co. {Note: a belief I have yet to be able to confirm!}

Thomas had only 2 “Annies” identified in his 1859 Estate Appraisal. One “Annie” age 1/4 {whose Mother appears to be “Hannah”} & one “Anna” age 1 {whose Mother appears to be “Emily”}.

Neither of these would be old enough to be my Annie FAVER, born about 1850.

I do see that Thomas “advanced” his kids 23 slaves {value: $16,575.00} over his lifetime & that at the time of the appraisal, 85 slaves {value: $57,600.00} were found in the possession of his Administrators – William CALLAWAY, James H. SPRATLIN & L. TURNER Jr.

So the entire “value” of human life was determined to be $74,175.00. For the record – YES, I am as bitter as I sound. Okay, moving on… whew!

After the value was determined it appears the FAVER slaves were divided into 7 Lots & disbursed between – Charles L. FAVOR, James D. FAVOR, William D. DALTON , William HOWARD,  Daniel WALKER, William W. FAVOR & Lewis D.  FAVOR. All previous advancements have been noted along with the newly acquired slaves.

Thomas’ widow, Nancy H. FAVER was identified as Lot A & received 13 slaves.

All of the FAVER slaves are identified by name & age.

Now… my questions:

  • If my Annie were owned by Thomas, his widow Nancy or children, she would most certainly be […]

Mamie FAVORS Bolton 1891-1982

bolton19820118-001What would Genealogy be without the persistent mysteries each new “find” presents? BORING!:-)

A couple days ago I was thrilled to discover an image of Mandy FAVER BOLTON & her Husband, Henry BOLTON online at the Digital Library of Georgia.

Without doubt, I believe Aunt Mandy will lead me to learning more about the family of my 4th Grandmother, Annie FAVER CARTER {b. 1850} from Wilkes Co.

So how cool was it to also discover this funeral program {also via the DLG} of Mamie FAVORS BOLTON in 1982?!

For a second I thought Mandy FAVER BOLTON & Mamie FAVORS BOLTON could be the same person, but that would be impossible. The funeral program says Mamie was born in 1891 which would have meant she was 11 yrs. when the image with Henry Bolton was taken in 1902.

Hmmm… so who was Mamie? The Daughter of Mandy & Henry Bolton? NOPE! From the funeral program it looks like Mamie was Henry’s WIFE too!

Okay, I need a timeline!

FLASHBACK: Wilkes County Inventory Records 1853-1860/1860-1869

During a recent visit to the GA State Archives, I began reviewing the “Wilkes County – Inventories, Appraisements and Sales of Estates 1853-1860/1860-1869” record. This massive reel is packed with hundreds of estate records from Wilkes County Georgia property & slave owners.

I was amazed at how well-preserved this record is & how extensive the slave data.

I located the 1854 estate sale for James Nelson WINGFIELD – the man who owned my 4th Grandfather James. It appears that even when James died, his widow Susan did not sell any of their slaves – as only property was sold.

I also located the 1859 estate sale for Thomas FAVOR – one of the Wilkes Co. Favors that I’ve identified as having possibly owned my 4th Grandmother, Annie. Unlike James N., Thomas was very wealthy & 62+ slaves were sold – this including 2 “Annie’s”.

I am still trying to digest his full record (some 11 pages) & see how I can begin to assess if either of these Annie’s is my Grandmother – on first glance the ages don’t align but who knows?

Because I did not want to rush reviewing the record (it’s not indexed) or incur the gas costs for repeated trips to the new Archive.