5th Edition Carnival of African American Genealogy (CoAAG) ~ REBIRTH: It’s Time For Revival!

Photograph of baptismal service, Wilkes County, Georgia, 1913

re·birth rēˈbərTH,ˈrēˌbərTH/ noun noun: rebirth; noun: re-birth
1. the process of being reincarnated or born again. “the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth”


Those who know me outside my Ancestor work, can attest to the fact I never intended to return online to research my family’s genealogy. There were no plans to resurrect blogs or as beautiful an experience it was/is, the Carnival of African American Genealogy (CoAAG). Never could anyone have convinced me I’d be managing a genealogy forum via Facebook — my least favorite social platform!

Over the years I’ve learned to follow the Ancestors whispers and nudges without question. And those spirit prompts have brought me here. Some days teacher — equal days student! I’ve returned to challenge, and be challenged; to help and be helped. To be healed because life’s journey is ahead of me.

Though I didn’t really want it, I’m thankful the Ancestors laid this 5th Edition of CoAAG in my hands. It’s soothed me on days when my feathers were ruffled and my heart cracked a bit wider from the absence of Mama. It’s fortified me, summoning memories and Gospel melodies I didn’t realize I still had in me.

This new life experience, has without question been an Awakening and I can think of no better way to bless it, than by […]

Whiteout In Mainstream America: Slave Ancestored Genealogy ~ Our Truth in Black & White

I’d convinced myself NOT to pen this post. Figure I have enough going on juggling the new AAGSAR Facebook Group, the kids, work madness and my new business venture that should have ALL my attention but has failed since my return to online genealogy in August.

Why ruffle voice matter or make a difference?!

I was content to go on via AAGSAR helping slave ancestored researchers hone their skills, integrate smart technology into their research and to embark on the journey of sharing their family data online.

Then I wandered over to The Root, and to the right of my screen spotted this — Whiteout in Mainstream America: From the Emmys to the Runways, Blacks Remain Ignored. Then I read this…

(The Root) — I don’t hate many things. I’m pretty good at keeping that emotion in check. But here’s a short list of things I hate:

1. Bigots
2. Misogynists
3. Terrorists, including American terrorists, here and abroad, and especially the ones who stand on street corners harassing women who pass by
4. The willfully ignorant

I can so identify! Hell, I’ll even add one to the list of things I hate — 5. Bullies.

NO way to ignore this post now. I’m back where I ALWAYS land — ADVOCACY.

I can live with ruffling feathers and being one of few voices willing to openly address the race matters that well — matter, and how the DEEP issues of race and […]

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PART I: Who In The Heck is AAGSAR & Why Don’t Y’all Like White People?!:)

GoHardGoHomeFor the past 14 years there have been two concurrent addictions in my life – Slave Ancestry Research and Emerging Technology!:)

Yes, I’m Luckie and I am a TECHIE — by day and by night. Though I’ve managed technology initiatives in various channels of the IT spectrum, it’s the NEW TOOLS I dig most! The stuff making life manageable or making access to viable information seamless really gets me excited!

My genealogy research is more calling than addiction and one I’ve carried for 15 years now! I’ve been online with my Our Georgia Roots since 1999 (DO NOT laugh at my use of color!:) and since 2007 with Our Alabama Roots.

Genealogy has been my lifeline. It gave me a history that had been blurred over time with the lost of each Elder. It afforded me an outlet and much needed distraction through the 4 year journey with my Mom through Alzheimer’s Disease. So when the Ancestors called me off my 2+ year hiatus — ironically, the day after Mom’s passing on 8/5 — as always I answered.

But this return IS different. It needed to be more than just blogging and tweeting about my family or community activities. Rather than assisting the random researcher with making the genealogy blogging/twitter “leap-o-faith”, I wanted to focus where there’s the greatest deficit online — the African-American genealogy community.

So with the aid of my Sister-Cousin in crime, Felicia Mathis of

Announcements: Facebook African-American Genealogy Research Group!

EufaulaSlaves ~ BARBOUR, ALSince it doesn’t appear the Ancestors plan to release me of my research responsibilities to this family any time soon, we might as well dive back in!:)

I’ve started a new African-American genealogy group via Facebook so we can connect with other online family members and friends in a forum that’s familiar!

If you’re already on Facebook you can join the group here: African-American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research. If you’re not currently on Facebook NOW is the perfect time to join!:)

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