Thinking on Sandra…

Luckie & Sandra - Wilkes County, GA April 2010
Yesterday was Sandra Jean Taliaferro’s birthday.

Sandra was as stubborn, fiery and brilliant as they come! A master with the pen and an impeccable researcher, she was sister, cousin, confidant to me.

We shared several arguments, endless laughs and most likely more than one ASKEW-JACKSON-DORSEY Ancestor between us.

I was reminded yesterday of our April 2010 road trip to GREENE County, where local response to my on display tattoos brought us to tears , Sandra ‘ate crow’ when I demonstrated the art of gleaning intel from COMPLETE strangers in a country town, and how we celebrated being led to a small church graveyard by new friend Minister Baugh, where we discovered MANY of San’s Ancestors! Tears, tweets and pictures were flying!:)

We miss you San. I miss you San.

Should you decide to enlist us to finish tracking your/our GREENE and FULTON County Ancestors, we will be ready!:)

Sandra Jean Taliaferro
Sept. 27, 1952 – Feb. 12, 2013

Sandra’s SURNAMES: Taliaferro, Toliver, Lawrence, Brewer, Askew, Dorsey, Jackson, Poole, Butler, Allen, Gilbert, Crawford, Middlebrooks, Gates, Parks, Thompson, Alford, Favors, Guise, and related surnames

Ancestor Homage: Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICK

Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICKVery reflective today thinking of the swiftness of time and what I’d do if blessed with the gift of rolling it back.

For sure, I’d spend less time talking and more time listening to my Grandmother Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICK – 12.07.20 to 03.05.1992.

In my mere 47 years on this planet, her dignity, integrity and honesty remain unmatched. She was THE gem of all gems. And today I’d happily sit at her feet to take in all the wisdom she could offer me.

“Everybody’s trying to make a statement. I just wish I knew what the hell they were trying to say!” ~ Anbownes

My girl….:)


{image: Fannie Louella Jackson 1938 at age 18. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED}

Marvelous! A Loving Tribute To My Gerrie!:)

It’s been 1 week since my family and I laid Mom to rest. In planning for her Homegoing Celebration, it was important to me Mama be remembered in the spirit she’d lived, and not the shell Alzheimer’s Disease left behind.

Animated. Brilliant. Loyal. So funny… Mama was my everything! She deserved much more than Alzheimer’s time-stamp.

So please enjoy a loving video tribute to our Mother, Geraldine BARWICK, set to her favorite Walter Hawkins song, Marvelous! She was everything our memories reflect and then some!

She was MARVELOUS!:)

Peace and ease Mama…


FLASHBACK: 2nd Edition ~ Carnival of African-American Genealogy: Grandma’s Hand ~ A Bridge Over Troubled Water, Memories of Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICK {4.13.10}

Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICKInteresting that as I began to pen my memories of Fannie Louella JACKSON BARWICK {1920 – 1992}, my beloved Maternal Grandmother, Stevie Wonder’s rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water began to play.

My Lord, without a doubt there is no single person who had a greater impact on my life than Anbownes. There is no person’s absence, that I miss more.

She was a firm, honest, no-nonsense straight-shooter. She was everything you dislike as a child and everything you come to respect and admire as an adult.

She was the personification of honor. People spoke of her with reverence.

My Grandmother was regal in appearance, always impeccably dressed, with the most beautiful, pecan hued hands and fingernails I’ve ever seen. There are moments when I seem to catch a hint of her gardenia scent. There are MANY days when I miss the sound of her deep, husky voice singed from many years of smoking.

Her love and loyalty were the rock we all –especially my Mom– held on to and truth be told, Mom started leaving us the day Anbownes transitioned.

I know now, what I didn’t quite understand then… watching a good Mother leave you is the hardest life challenge any child will face. It is impossible to sustain this kind of separation (not loss) and not be permanently changed.

By example, Anbownes and Mom taught a scared (and clueless) child how to Mother her Son. And though hurt by my circumstance, she never faltered in support. Because she stood by me, I am the woman I am today.

Once during her daily bath, she told me […]

Wordy Wednesday: Annie, Minnie & Fannie, The JACKSON Ladies

Jacksons ~ Annie, Minnie, FannieI love this picture of my Great-Grandmother, Annie CARTER JACKSON {1898 – 1981} with her Daughters, my Great Aunt Minnie (still living) and my Grandmother, Fannie Louella aka Anbownes {1920 – 1992}.

I adore the Church Sister hats, and Aunt Minnie’s diva pose (that’s so her!:-). They are standing in Winton Terrace, the housing projects where my Grandma lived and where I have many a sweet memory from. Grandma was my babysitter until I began Kindergarten!:-)

What’s the occasion? I have no clue. Easter Sunday? Church service at Allen Temple AME? Eastern Star gathering?

Each of these JACKSON SHEros holds a special place in my heart and I miss them more than a dozen Wordy Wednesdays can capture.