1 Year: My Marvelous Mama

There are no words really to sum up the life, legacy and absence of Mama. So today on the 1 year anniversary of her transition, I share the family memories that still have the ability to make this baby girl’s heart smile beyond the tears.

Peace and ease Mama…

THANKFUL: Little Gerrie BARWICK 1941-2013

“We don’t see the same history….Our history is not dead facts in a book. Our history is alive and still going on. It’s in our songs and stories and the roots of every tree.” ~ Grampa Sky

Little Gerrie BARWICK

Last night my sister Gina sent me a welcomed surprise, little Gerrie BARWICK (Mama – front row; 3rd from left).

Mama’s expression reminded me of the days before Jaiya became “Ms. Glam” and had yet to realize you smile on pics! That’s the EXACT same expression I have on dozens of her pictures!:)

My first Thanksgiving on this planet without my Mom, I’d be lying to say my heart isn’t a little heavy.

But I’m oh so thankful to have such an amazing Mother, who made me the uncompromising, warrior spirit I am.  Thankful for the Mother she taught me to be.  Thankful for the blessings her MULTITUDE of prayers have afforded me.

Thankful this Thanksgiving, my Mama’s at peace and surrounded by love.

Peace and ease Mama… don’t worry about me.

All is well with my soul!:)


{Quote Source: thanks to AAGSAR Member LaKesha of Honoring Our History}

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My Little Geraldine…

I’m at peace, because you’re at peace dear heart. Uncle Walt (Sonny) & Geraldine, age 5 years old.

Love you Mama…

Little Walter (Sonny) & Geraldine, age 5 years old

Marvelous! A Loving Tribute To My Gerrie!:)

It’s been 1 week since my family and I laid Mom to rest. In planning for her Homegoing Celebration, it was important to me Mama be remembered in the spirit she’d lived, and not the shell Alzheimer’s Disease left behind.

Animated. Brilliant. Loyal. So funny… Mama was my everything! She deserved much more than Alzheimer’s time-stamp.

So please enjoy a loving video tribute to our Mother, Geraldine BARWICK, set to her favorite Walter Hawkins song, Marvelous! She was everything our memories reflect and then some!

She was MARVELOUS!:)

Peace and ease Mama…


Wordy Wednesday: Annie, Minnie & Fannie, The JACKSON Ladies

Jacksons ~ Annie, Minnie, FannieI love this picture of my Great-Grandmother, Annie CARTER JACKSON {1898 – 1981} with her Daughters, my Great Aunt Minnie (still living) and my Grandmother, Fannie Louella aka Anbownes {1920 – 1992}.

I adore the Church Sister hats, and Aunt Minnie’s diva pose (that’s so her!:-). They are standing in Winton Terrace, the housing projects where my Grandma lived and where I have many a sweet memory from. Grandma was my babysitter until I began Kindergarten!:-)

What’s the occasion? I have no clue. Easter Sunday? Church service at Allen Temple AME? Eastern Star gathering?

Each of these JACKSON SHEros holds a special place in my heart and I miss them more than a dozen Wordy Wednesdays can capture.


FLASHBACK: 2nd Edition ~ Carnival of African-American Genealogy: Grandma’s Hand ~ Memories of Lena Mae McKENZIE BARWICK {4.4.10}

Lena McKENZIE BARIWCKTo this day, My Great Grandmother, Lena Mae McKENZIE BARWICK is the gentlest, sweetest woman I’ve ever known.

Born 9 March 1902 in Lewisville, Alabama to Ella Mae MARTIN and Joseph James McKENZIE, I remember most her deep faith in God and her ability to quote biblical scripture at will.

I still chuckle at the thought of returning to Cincinnati in 1995 with a severe Caesar cut (yes — I’d shaved all the curls down to a barely visible shadow), and being informed by my Grandma that there was no shame in a wig — God would respect my crown anyway he could get it!:-)

I still marvel at the strength both of my Great Grandmothers possessed. Both survived poverty and less than easy Husbands, yet remained steadfast in God and Family. Never appearing to waiver.

Like most of the Barwick/McKenzie women, Grandma was blessed with long-life, transitioning on 11 March 2002, at the age of 100 years old.

The poem below, was written by my older Brother, William, for her 100th Birthday and was read at her Home Going Service.

How timely that it would be presented here today on this Sentimental Easter Sunday 2010, as my Barwick timestamp for Grandma’s Hand…

I think about my Grandma
and I think of loving hands,
Two hands that do their best
to carry out the Lord’s commands…
Two hands that clap in joy fullness
while she joins in a song,
Two hands that hug and comfort,
as she passes love along…
Two hands that are my Grandma’s
that have always done their part
To spread the love of Jesus,
so abiding in her heart.
I think about you. Grandma,
and I see a gentle model of the kind
of […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday: Jay & Hollie

Jay_HollieI am far too blessed today to be “wordless”! I am so proud of my Son, Jay & his fiancée, Hollie.

Amazing day!:-)


Georgia Here I Come

I’ll be on a plane in a few hours {5 hrs to be exact!}… heading home for the day to interview & visit briefly with my Mom.

Pray that the interview(s) goes well because my ♥ is in Georgia.


Wiping The Slate Clean!:-)

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the unexpected “events” that keep life exciting!:-)

Tonight, after spending the day tweaking the new Our Alabama Roots site, I decided to update my existing OGR Theme & WordPress installation.

So being the “techie” I am, I followed each step perfectly. I was home free – after several hours, WP 2.8 was successfully updated & the new theme in place! Aside from a few minor edits to the header, my work was finished.

But then I logged-out & encountered a database error & rather than doing a step-by-step analysis to determine the error source {which of course, I know to do}, I was impatient & decided to do the next best thing – I deleted my EXISTING database!

Yep the entire database & of course once I hit “delete”, I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that Our Georgia Roots, the blog, was G-O-N-E!

Of course I can salvage the links & thank God my data collections live at Picasa & AfriQuest but all of my posts & your insightful comments? Gone just like that!

Hmmm… well I guess it really is time for a new look & a fresh start!

Lest we forget…


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Hi Friends!

I’ve been pulled away for awhile working on several other web projects – forgive me. I know it’s been a minute since I last posted.

It’s funny though… how the people who have made you who you are, are always with you.

Yesterday I was reminiscing with my 9 year old son about how wonderful my 3 Grandmothers were & how one day… I wil be the same kind of grandmother.

It’s been almost 17 years since Anbownes left us, yet I can still see her beautiful manicured hands. I can still hear the tone of her strong, raspy voice & chuckle over her SUPER quick wit that never missed anything.

Oh how I miss her (them) this & everyday.

Today, I’m thankful for having had the love of 3 extraordinary Grandmothers – Anbownes, Grandma Jackson & Grandma Barwick.