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AAGSAR BLOGFEST 2014 ~ Go Hard OR Go Home


WHEN: Sunday, 5 January 2014

  • Our community BLOGFEST will be in high-gear from 9AM ET to 9PM ET.
  • Time investment? 1-2 hours collaborating on blog setups and as much time as you’re willing to gift to support our BLOGFEST! :)
  • Bloggers/Cheerleaders will provide 1:1 guidance, feedback and encouragement! NEW Bloggers you ultimately own your work ― roll-up those sleeves and be ready my friends!
  • When your family blog or website goes live, send Luckie the blog name and link. NEW KID ON THE BLOG announcements will be made every 3 hrs ― 12PM, 3PM, 6PM and 9PM.
  • What happens next? We CELEBRATE with you ― and your ANCESTORS!:)

WHY: Slave Ancestry Research Requires CSI Detective Skills + the Patience of Job!

AAGSAR was created to guide and support you in utilizing technology to enhance your research toolkit, NOT convince you of its value to your research in the 21st Century. To be clear ― we are a tech-centric, not tech-ONLY […]

Many Rivers To Cross: The Historical Elephant in the Room?

The Second Middle Passage_ ManyRiversAs I sit quietly processing episode 2 of the 6 part series The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross, I’m still deeply moved by how tonight’s episode The Age of Slavery, spoke so clearly to historical events impacting my Ancestors of the past and my research today.

I’m anxious to enjoy a second viewing! Not tweeting or chatting… just taking it all in through the lens of a student. Tonight’s lesson, delivered MANY insights I’ll use as catalyst to chart NEW research next steps.

I know my Uncle Jake the Rev. Ronald JACKSON, Sr. is sporting his wide jolly grin at me being schooled on the legacy of Richard ALLEN and his 1816 founding of the African Methodist Episcopal Church! A feat Uncle Jake spent MANY vacation bible school summers trying to accomplish!:)

There were nuggets in the King Cotton and Underground Railroad commentaries that will fuel my ability to tell Grandpa Philip CARTER’s story in the near future and possibly aid me in answering how/why my Ancestors eventually found a home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Did they travel the Ohio River Freedom Walk too?

Equally moving — albeit it for different reasons — is the online response of black and white genealogy bloggers/tweeters to the Many Rivers to Cross narrative.

For the most part, on one side […]


Catie WINGFIELD-DORSEYMystery of The Smyrna Church: Retracing Rev. DICKEY’S Historical Footprints

Challenge: Under what conditions was Catie given and/or sold to J.M. Dickey in 1859-60 & which CODY owner was involved in this transaction?
Ancestor(s): 4th Great Grandmother Catherine WINGFIELD DORSEY (b. abt 1850 – d. 1933)
Others: Slaveowners – Robert Donnelson CODY & Rev. James Madison DICKEY
Years: 1859-1865
Tribe(s): Georgia – Wilkes & Warren County
Summary: Mystery of The Smyrna Church: Retracing Rev. DICKEY’S Historical Footprints


  1. Did Minister Dickey purchase Catie or was she loaned by her CODY owner?
  2. Where did Catie go, once Reverend DICKEY left Wilkes in 1862 — still 3 years before Emancipation?
  3. Who Pastored Smyrna Church AFTER Rev. DICKEY? Could Catie have been given to another family in 1862/63?
  4. How did Minister DICKEY cross paths with Catie’s owner anyway? What was their connection?


Luckie Daniels – What Reference Materials Do I Need?

  • Estate Inventory for Robert Donelson CODY
  • Will of Robert D. CODY
  • Confirmation of HARDSHELL BAPTIST church attendance by Robert CODY
  • Insurance Policy if Catie was “loaned” to DICKEY
  • Smyrna Church Roster/Minutes
  • DICKEY bible […]

Announcements: Facebook African-American Genealogy Research Group!

EufaulaSlaves ~ BARBOUR, ALSince it doesn’t appear the Ancestors plan to release me of my research responsibilities to this family any time soon, we might as well dive back in!:)

I’ve started a new African-American genealogy group via Facebook so we can connect with other online family members and friends in a forum that’s familiar!

If you’re already on Facebook you can join the group here: African-American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research. If you’re not currently on Facebook NOW is the perfect time to join!:)

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