Wordless Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday: Annie, Minnie & Fannie, The JACKSON Ladies

Jacksons ~ Annie, Minnie, FannieI love this picture of my Great-Grandmother, Annie CARTER JACKSON {1898 – 1981} with her Daughters, my Great Aunt Minnie (still living) and my Grandmother, Fannie Louella aka Anbownes {1920 – 1992}.

I adore the Church Sister hats, and Aunt Minnie’s diva pose (that’s so her!:-). They are standing in Winton Terrace, the housing projects where my Grandma lived and where I have many a sweet memory from. Grandma was my babysitter until I began Kindergarten!:-)

What’s the occasion? I have no clue. Easter Sunday? Church service at Allen Temple AME? Eastern Star gathering?

Each of these JACKSON SHEros holds a special place in my heart and I miss them more than a dozen Wordy Wednesdays can capture.


Wordless Wednesday: Harry Ester Jackson {1918-1960}

Harry Ester JACKSONHarry Ester Jackson {1918-1960} was my Mom’s Uncle – my Grandmother Fannie’s oldest Brother.

Anbownes {our name for Fannie} used to say that her Brother Harry was the best looking of his siblings and knew it!

My Mother says this picture doesn’t do him justice… she describes him as “Clark Gable fine” and says that when he entered a room, it lit UP! Always smiling, she says that she never saw him angry.

Mom says Uncle Harry would park his shiny Cadillac in front of my Great-Grandmother Annie’s house at 1401 Baymiller Street in Cincinnati & start walking.

When asked why, he would respond “Baby, they can’t track Uncle Harry’s footsteps!”.

She loved him enough to name her first born son {my oldest Brother} Harry, after him.


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Not So Wordless Wednesday: Jay & Hollie

Jay_HollieI am far too blessed today to be “wordless”! I am so proud of my Son, Jay & his fiancée, Hollie.

Amazing day!:-)


FLASHBACK: Wordless Wednesday: Whitehall District Church Gathering c. 1905

Whitehall District

With Genealogy treasures like this manifesting, there’s no way my Wednesday can be Wordless!:-)

Yet another gem pulled from the Digital Library of Georgia as part of a collection of Wilkes County images from J.W. Stephenson {trust I will be digging-up his roots further too!:-}

The image description reads:

“Wilkes County, ca. 1905. Whitehall district (negro) near Washington- Blacks gathered in front of the church.” –from field notes

Whitehall is the main street that courses through the African-American section of Washington-Wilkes.

My WINGFIELD Ancestors built a historic church in 1863 at 318 Whitehall Street that still stands today – Jackson Chapel AME {scroll down to ‘Churches & Religion’ section}.

To my knowlegde there is only one church in Washington-Wilkes that would be considered “Whitehall District” & that is Jackson Chapel.

I just can’t help but wonder how many of my Ancestors I am gazing at in this image!

My, my….

I pay homage to the Unknown Ancestors.


Wordless Wednesday: James & Laura ROSS BARWICK (Our Alabama Roots)

James & Laura ROSS BARWICK

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