The Four Agreements - Miguel RuizOn most days the folks I interact with have no idea I’m a longtime practicing Buddhist. I’m not robed. I don’t walk around chanting the Lotus Sutra or quoting The Buddha. And though I’ve determined [with encouragement from my 6 year old] to excommunicate my potty-mouth in 2014, possess the ability to cuss like a sailor!:)

I see me as a spiritual hybrid, equally comfortable with chanting and meditation, as I am with honoring my Yoruba Orisha and Ancestors. I take comfort in the Gospel Music handed-down from a steadfast Christian family and can [and do] quote scripture often — a propensity that tickles my older sister Gina to no end!:)

But when I weigh my spiritual hybrid self against Dawn’s of Answering The Ancestors Call analysis of DNA and Ancestral Affinities: Is it in the Genes?, it does make COMPLETE sense!

EVERY BIT of who I am spiritually, has also been identified in who I am geneticallyDNA CENTRAL: 23andMe ~ I See My True Colors Shining Through!:)

Though I realized this several years ago, I never really was The Accidental Buddhist! I haven’t been discovering, I’ve been remembering!

I have a fused set of [Buddhist, Christian, Yoruba, Zen, Tao, LIFE] rules I measure myself against daily. And when I fail — I try again the next day!:)

So here’s to claiming 2014 as MY YEAR to be the BEST me and thanking all the souls (living and beyond) who aid me in getting there!:)

Just sharing some food for thought AND spirit for the New Year — The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. Good, good stuff man!:)

AGREEMENT 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word

Agreement 1: Be Impeccable With Your Word

AGREEMENT 2: Don’t Take Anything Personally

Agreement 2: Don't Take Anything Personally

AGREEMENT 3: Don’t Make Assumptions

Agreement 3: Don't Make Assumptions

AGREEMENT 2: Always Do Your Best

 Agreement 4: Always Do Your Best

2014. Make it EPIC!:)


P.S. Thanks to my AAGSAR Tribe and Mama for continuing to make me a better me. M Dawn Terrell and Malidoma Some for making me think — and remember! And Mama Allen, for much needed encouragement and sharing your FIERCE MoJo with me!:)