BOLTON, Henry & FAVER, AmandaThanks to Joyce McCollum of, I received a link to a new [at least for me] Georgia Genealogy resource today – the Digital Library of Georgia.

As usual, the first thing I did was start searching for my folks – WINGFIELD, CARTER, DICKEY, FAVER, WRIGHT & COHEN. I always hope that one day, I’ll turn up that previously undiscovered family image that will make my day!:-)

Well, after searching for Wingfields & Dickeys with no luck, I did a search for FAVER.

Annie FAVER CARTER was my other 4th Grandmother from Washington-Wilkes & aside from remembering as a child her long braid of hair kept in a jar by my Great Grandma Annie CARTER JACKSON {Her namesake}, I know very little about her.

My search yielded the above image with the following description:

“Wilkes County, ca. 1902. Henry Bolton seated weaving white split oak cotton baskets used when picking cotton. Aunt Mandy in background. Aunt Mandy FAVER Bolton was mother of 18 of her own and 18 step-children. Located on Herbert and Robert Spratlin homestead on Sardis Road.”– from field notes

Wow! I’ve seen this image before & remember pausing on it – SEVERAL TIMES. However the image I’ve seen, didn’t have the description & the FAVER name called out!

FAVER, spelled exactly the way my Annie’s FAVER surname is spelled on her 1869 Marriage License?!

With my WHOLE heart I do believe that Mandy & Annie FAVER are connected.


  • 1859 – In the estate of Thomas Faver, a 3 yr. old slave named “Manda” is listed. Although my Annie doesn’t appear on the estate of Thomas {maybe she was already owned by his Louis D.?}, she would have only been 9 yrs at the time of his passing.
  • 1860  – my Annie is owned by Nancy {Widow of Thomas Faver} and/or Louis D. FAVER {their Son} & the SPRATLIN families were their neighbors! Both Nancy & L.D Faver own a 10 year old FEMALE SLAVE in 1860. Either one could be my Annie!
  • 1870 – Louis D. Faver remains on his Plantation with SPRATLIN neighbors & surrounded by many of my FAVER relations
  • 1880 – Nancy Faver remains on Plantation living with Louis’ Widow Martha. They still have SPRATLIN & black FAVER neighbors.
  • 1900 – There are several BOLTONS close by to my Annie FAVER CARTER & Phillip CARTER in Pento, Wilkes County & many more in Derbyshire, close to Henry & Mandy.
  • 1902  – above image shows Mandy & Henry living on property owned by Herbert & Robert SPRATLIN.

So maybe the road to my Annie & our FAVER family begins with Aunt Mandy FAVER BOLTON?!

It’s just amazing that after 12 years of research I am still surprised by the “unexpected” & that there remain so many more roads in this journey to travel.