Thomas FAVER Estate - 1859 Wilkes County GA

I have always believed my 4th {Paternal} Grandmother Annie FAVER CARTER was owned by Thomas FAVER {d. 1859} and/or his Son, Lewis D. FAVER of Wilkes Co. {Note: a belief I have yet to be able to confirm!}

Thomas had only 2 “Annies” identified in his 1859 Estate Appraisal. One “Annie” age 1/4 {whose Mother appears to be “Hannah”} & one “Anna” age 1 {whose Mother appears to be “Emily”}.

Neither of these would be old enough to be my Annie FAVER, born about 1850.

I do see that Thomas “advanced” his kids 23 slaves {value: $16,575.00} over his lifetime & that at the time of the appraisal, 85 slaves {value: $57,600.00} were found in the possession of his Administrators – William CALLAWAY, James H. SPRATLIN & L. TURNER Jr.

So the entire “value” of human life was determined to be $74,175.00. For the record – YES, I am as bitter as I sound. Okay, moving on… whew!

After the value was determined it appears the FAVER slaves were divided into 7 Lots & disbursed between – Charles L. FAVOR, James D. FAVOR, William D. DALTON , William HOWARD,  Daniel WALKER, William W. FAVOR & Lewis D.  FAVOR. All previous advancements have been noted along with the newly acquired slaves.

Thomas’ widow, Nancy H. FAVER was identified as Lot A & received 13 slaves.

All of the FAVER slaves are identified by name & age.

Now… my questions:

  • If my Annie were owned by Thomas, his widow Nancy or children, she would most certainly be listed here, right?
  • Who were the two 11 year old, female slaves appearing on the 1860 Slave Schedules of Nancy & Lewis D. FAVER? Could they be the two 9 year old slaves – Winny & Henis (?) appearing on the estate appraisal?
  • Annie had a Daughter in 1867, Anna WRIGHT. Could Annie have been sold to a WRIGHT before the 1859 appraisal?
  • Where do I look for my Annie now?!

Soooo frustrating…