Parish & Jane FAVORSYesterday I was the beneficiary of a rare and special gift — In Search Of A Family – The Incomplete History of the FAVORS Family of African Descent by the Paris FAVORS Jr. {1987}.

What a gift! Paris Favors Jr. {1948-1994} was a practicing attorney and Minister, which clearly shows in his beautifully descriptive writing and attention to detail.

After opening my parcel last night from Robert BOLTON {Son of Wade BOLTON and Grandson of Rev. Paris/Parish FAVOR born abt. 1842}, I had not made it beyond page #11 before I’d solved my first Ancestor mystery — who were the elder Paris/Parish Favor’s parents and slave owner?

On page #7 Paris Favors Jr. wrote:

As noted earlier, I have been unable to discover who were the parents of the Reverend Parish Favors, where he came from or who were his owners during slavery.

After reading a few pages further, I noted a 1986 interview with Wade Bolton of Lincolnton that identifies Parish as having Sisters named Chaney and Le Anna and a Brother named Ben.

I immediately headed to the 1870 Wilkes County Census to search for those names and here is what I found:

Burrill Favor – 60
Maria Favor – 50
Chaney Favor – 20
John S Favor – 0 (this was a census taker’s oversight)
Winny Favor – 17
Ritta Favor – 13
Leanna Favor – 11
Edward Favor – 9
Charles Favor – 8
Mary Favor – 6
Susan Favor – 4

There in all its glory were Parish’s Sisters, Chaney and Leanna, living with their parents, Burrill (Burnell) and Maria and a handful of other siblings!

Although there is no sign of a 28 yr. old Paris/Parish on the August 1870 Wilkes County census (not uncommon for this census!), we do find Mary HARRIS, Parish’s first wife {they wed Dec. 26 1870} living alone with children Lorena 4, Augustus 2 and Hannah 1. Note also: next door to Mary is Henry HARRIS 41 with wife and children. Henry is probably Father or Brother to Mary!:-)

Ok, so next, I wanted to find Paris and his family in an estate record and since I own a copy of the Wilkes County Estate/Inventories from this period {500+ inventories/estates}, I immediately started looking.

Now, Thomas FAVER has long since been the person I believed to have been my Annie FAVER CARTER’s slave owner, as you can see from the August 2009 post about his 1859 Estate Appraisal.

So imagine my reaction when I went to his record first and found Parish’s family listed both in the name ledger on the first page, as well as by the “lot” they were placed in — Lot No. 1 sold to Charles S. FAVOR!

Burnell Favor ~ Lot No. 1

Burnell Favor Lot No. 1

While I don’t see Paris/Parish listed in the lot sale with his family (God, how sad is that?) I do believe on the 1st page of the estate record, the name of the 8 yr. old boy for $750 appearing under the name “Isiah” is “Paris”.

Thomas FAVER Estate - 1859 Wilkes County GASo after examining the estate record of Thomas Faver and the 1870 Wilkes County Census here’s where we are, as of today – I believe Burnell/Burrill {born abt. 1810} and Maria {born abt. 1820} to have been the parents of Rev. Parish Favors. I also believe that “Ben” FAVER {born abt. 1825} was not a sibling of Parish’s as speculated by Paris Jr., but the younger Brother of Burnell — so, Parish’s Uncle.

What else? I believe Squire FAVOR {born abt. 1814} who appears both living next door to Burnell in 1870 and in the Thomas Faver estate record {Lot #2 sold to J.D FAVOR} was a sibling to Burnell and Ben — and get this, all 3 Sons to Winny FAVER found living at age 72 yrs with Ben in 1870 and identified as age 60 yrs in Thomas Faver’s estate!

Not bad for one night’s work and not reading beyond page #12 of 62, huh?!:-)

Thank you Paris Jr., Grandma Annie, Rev. Parish and all my FAVER/FAVOR Ancestors for leading the way…

I’m listening!:-)


[Image Source: Rev. Parish & Jane Claiborn Favors – cover image of In Search Of A Family – The Incomplete History of the FAVORS Family of African Descent by the Paris FAVORS Jr. 1987; circa unknown]