Jackson A.M.E. Church ~ Wilkes County, GARecently via the AAGSAR Facebook forum, Marci asked me how my family felt about my research. My response was brief and what I believed honest — “they don’t really appreciate it much until I’m not doing it”. How wrong I was!

REBIRTH: It’s Time For Revival was not only SOUL FORTIFYING for this Mama-missing, Buddhist gal, it was Spirit Therapy for my children and family too!:)

The kids, who’ve missed the kinship I grew up with, have been surrounded by it in the weeks leading up to REBIRTH! They’ve heard me singing the Gospel, learned about our family church homes and spiritual customs, and witnessed me reaching for His Eye Is On The Sparrow and Precious Lord time after time, claiming the refuge they have always offered me.

The response to Journeying By Faith from Uncle Jake’s namesake, cousin Ronnie Jr., moved me beyond words!

Bernita of Voice In My Head shared her family’s excitement with the forum, expressing her Mom’s sentiments as she [Mom] enjoyed reading all the REBIRTH entries and Joann of J-Mac’s Journey was busy sharing our Revival and Aunt Mary with her family AND Co-workers!

Nahshon graced us with Ms. Zephyr’s presence, and our community greeted her with open arms! The Gentle Wind found her voice and can now take a [much deserved] rest.

This was our first CoAAG dedicated to and engaging FAMILY 100%! We’ve found renewed love, camaraderie, healing and and restoration here! Something VERY blessed and powerful has taken place! An awakening, a rebirth!

THANKS to the Community for supporting the effort and strolling down memory lane with us! In all, some 300+ visitors blessed our Revival!:)

REBIRTH Contributors Linda, Kristin, Stephani, True, Denise, Bernita, Joann & Nahshon, thank you for taking us to CHURCH! For me and mine, it’s been WAY too long!

YES, we’ve run our Revival and oh what a time we had!:)

Say Amen Somebody!


Image Source: Freed Slaves built JACKSON A.M.E. Church in 1867 to serve the African American community called Wylieville in Washington, GA. The church is a community landmark building in the Washington Historic District on Whitehall Street.