Plantation musings have been ROUGH! When my soul’s Teflon coating has regenerated, I plan to invest time researching these WINGFIELD Slave Manifests discovered via Ancestry’s U.S., Southeast Coastwise Inward and Outward Slave Manifests, 1790-1860.

By my estimates my 6th and/or 7th generation Ancestors could have been Africa-born and survived The Middle Passage.

Inspired by AAGSAR Member Cecilia of Cecilia’s Dig and her 3rd Great Grandfather Mr. Major PERRY, I took a chance locating slave ship manifests for my WINGFIELD and CODY Ancestors of Georgia, and ended up finding several.

For tonight, I’m posting two (2) WINGFIELD manifests from the slave vessel THE FLORIDA — arrival ports Mobile, Alabama (1856) and Savannah, Georgia (1859).

The unknown Ancestors on the slave manifests were owned by WINGFIELDS of Georgia. Given the years of the purchases, I’ll start looking at records for Archibald Simpson WINGFIELD I (b. 1801 – d. 1861). The son of Samuel WINGFIELD, Archibald outlived many of his relatives. In addition to his slave inheritance, as a practicing lawyer he was often named executor of and/or witness to their estates. Archibald, Charles and Garland WINGFIELD owned the majority of my Washington-Wilkes Ancestors in 1860:

  • WINGFIELD, A. S., 66 slaves, page 478B
  • WINGFIELD, C. for self and 2 others, 57 slaves, page 479B
  • WINGFIELD, G., 83 slaves, page 459B

James SIMS (mulatto) was 35 years old when he arrived in Savannah, GA in 1859. I believe the A. C. WINGFIELD identified on the manifest is actually A.S. WINGFIELD.

The unnamed Ancestors identified only as Various arrived in Mobile, AL in 1856, as part of a “lot of 28“. Whew!

Although the WINGFIELD owner’s given name isn’t listed, I believe it could only have been Archibald, Charles or Garland WINGFIELD making such a large purchase. We shall see…

With reverence, I also note other slaves included on the 1856 manifest and their respective owners/residence:

Alright Ancestors, where do we go from here?